The house is built as an investment by Pennsylvania born Clarence M. Busch, a successful realtor. 


After leaving Alcatraz, at the age of 29, Al Capone buys the house in his wife’s name for $40,000.

At the time, the house was owned by James W. Popham, a successful insurance broker. Capone was not in search of a house but was approached by hotel owner Parker Henderson Jr., son of a former Mayor of Miami, and then Miami Mayor John Newton Lummus Jr., who was also a realtor. James Popham was furious when he found out through insurance records that Al Capone was to be the new owner of the house as he had believed that he was selling it to Parker Henderson, Jr. (Source: Myalcaponemuseum.com)

In 1928, JW Popham filed suit to foreclose on Al Capone’s winter home. Popham alleged that he sold the property on Palm Island for $30,000 to Parker Henderson and that the Capones never paid the indebtedness or any part of it (Source: Los Angeles Times - September 13, 1928, page 5).

Capone spent $200,000 to create a winter command post with a gate-guest house, a 7ft high wall, search lights, a cabana and a coral rock grotto. 


Al Capone leaves the house when sent to prison for tax evasion. 


Al Capone returns to Palm Island. 


Al Capone dies in his Palm Island house on January, 25th, at the age of 48. 


Mae Capone, Al Capone’s wife, sells the house to Cleveland realtor Thomas Warren Miller. 


William Knowles buys the house for $48,000. 


The home is sold to Mr. Roy Fowler for $50,000. 


Delta airline pilot Henry T. Morrison purchases 93 Palm avenue mansion for $56,000 without even knowing it was once owned by Al Capone. 


The house is remodeled.


Henry Morrison places the house on the market. 


Peter L. Corsell, a founder of an energy company, buys and renovates the house.


The house is sold to a French buyer. 


In May 2014, MB America purchases the 93 Palm Avenue property on behalf of a private investor and renames it 93 Palm. 


In March 2015, after total refurbishment, 93 Palm re-opens as an exclusive photo and video productions venue.